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Written by Kelcee Rupert


Posted on February 26 2021

So how many care packages have you made? So far- about 200. 

You read that right. We have sent 200 CARE PACKAGES since we started in April 2020! Granted the number has probably changed and increased since posting this but still. 200 CARE PACKAGES IS A BIG FREAKING DEAL!

When we began this business, we really just wanted to be able to send care packages to soldiers who were called into action because of the COVID-19 pandemic- mainly Jordan’s unit who we knew could send between 20 to 360 soldiers. But never in a million years would we have ever thought that the vast majority of the care packages we have sent would go overseas and bless soldiers who have gone through homesickness and holidays without loved ones worse than most people would ever experience. 

For you to know about us, you need to know our hearts. Ever since we got married, we knew we were supposed to and called to love on people extravagantly and differently. And loving on people does not always mean gifts or money, but sometimes it means that you send the text to a friend saying you love them and are praying for them. Sometimes it means you’re going to sit in the silence with someone who just needs to be in the presence of another human before they lose their minds. Sometimes it means you show up on a friend’s doorstep with food and a movie for an impromptu night in. But ALL OF THOSE WAYS ARE SHOWING LOVE! But for soldiers, the best way we knew we could show them love was/is through a care package filled with some of the best snacks from home and a note. We didn’t always know the names of the soldiers we were sending care packages to, but one thing we can promise is that we prayed over every box- that it would get there safely, that the soldier who was receiving that box knew that they were so loved, so supported, and would hopefully be encouraged through a little brown cardboard box.

Now the process to send care packages can either be easy peasy and lemon squeezy or it could make you want to pull your hair out. Why are there two extreme scenarios? Because some of the posts we send care packages to are in hostile territory- like so crazy they have to black out all potential information about the soldier and the sender for protection purposes for every party involved. When it comes to those cases, the paperwork, holy snot, could feel like it literally takes days to complete because you have to do it for every ever loving box that is being sent there (why we love BIG boxes if we are sending multiple to one location because less paperwork- GOD BLESS IT!). 

Story timeRight after Thanksgiving, we had a tall order to fill- 100 care packages to make and ship in 5 days! 5 days so that they would make it to soldiers overseas in time for Christmas! That was the most we had ever made in one sitting being sent to one place. So we went to Sam’s Club- stocked up on all the goodies, Christmas cards, ornaments, hot chocolate, and peppermints we could find! We lined our kitchen with tables, filled the tables with all the contents we were putting in each box, and had friends come over for a packing party. It was a night to remember! Pizza and packing and great friends! Tears filled our eyes as we saw boxes being made- well Kelcee just down right bawled at the sight- our hearts were overwhelmed with gratitude and amazement that we were going to be able to make all of these care packages and that people supported us enough and believed in what we were doing enough to purchase a candle or wax melt. We kept counting so we knew how many we had to make. We double counted, we triple counted- we would have stopped after counting them twice, but someone just couldn’t count or do math that day so we checked again (if you know, you know.. haha). We made it to 100! We sealed the boxes up, packed them in even bigger boxes and walked into the post office. The poor guy behind the counter did not know what he signed up for during his first week of work when he saw us walking in. But form by form, shipping label after shipping label, we watched our care packages leave our hands and start their journey to someone who needed a little Christmas cheer. The week of Christmas our messages and phones started blowing up with updates of where our boxes were arriving and getting pictures and messages of soldiers receiving our little boxes of love. It was truly what made Christmas feel extra special and jolly. The sense of accomplishment and joy was one that we couldn’t put into words other than “DANG-that is so cool! I can’t believe we were able to do that!”

But the messages we get saying that soldiers have received our little care packages could literally make our hearts explode. Even if it’s just “Hey, I’m one of the soldiers who received one of your care packages and wanted to say thanks” to heart felt novels expressing gratitude- those are the moments we know we are working in our purpose and recognizing this is why we do what we do. It makes every moment worth it. And we couldn’t do it without your purchases and love and support of our business! So thank you!

If you know a soldier who would love a care package or needs just a little bit of love, give us their info. We would love to be able send a box filled with snacks and love their way! We could all use a little way to smile!

Until next time,

Kelcee & Jordan



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