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Vol. 1- Introduction

Written by Kelcee Rupert


Posted on January 30 2021

Hey guys!

Thank you so much for checking out our blog!

We wanted to create a space where we could give you a glimpse into our lives as well as behind the scenes of our business so you could get to know the names and faces of Care Candle Company a little bit better and know our hearts and purpose on a more personal level other than through a Facebook or Instagram post. We have the ability to share a lot with you- but our biggest reason for creating this blog was so that our purpose and desires for this business could shine through on a deeper level. Hopefully we will have new blogs up every month if we aren’t too crazy busy. At least that’s our goal- but we will see what actually happens, haha. And just to let you know, we don’t need the grammar police up in here. So if you are going to critique that, please don’t because we like the way we write and talk.



But for starters we think that it would be best to introduce (or re-introduce) ourselves and how Care Candle Company came to be in the crazy world that we live in- especially when an invisible enemy is lurking and making life for everyone…. well... complicated- for lack of a better word. 

In case you didn’t know- we are Kelcee and Jordan. We are the ones who make the candles, write all the notes, and give out all the yummy smells when it comes to candles and melts. We have been married for over 4 years and friends for even longer than that! We met the first day of freshman orientation having the same major and then Kelcee realized biology wasn’t her jam and changed majors- which Jordan is still salty about TO THIS DAY since she dropped a class they sat beside each other every day. We didn’t realize we liked each other until after graduation. Both of us were afraid to say anything because we didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but we also made a pact that if by the time we were 35 and weren’t married, we would marry each other.. Needless to say- we got a jump on it and got married after a year of dating and 6 weeks of wedding planning. Now why did we plan our wedding in 6 weeks? Well- Jordan at the time had just finished basic training and was in his Advanced Individual Training in Texas before being stationed in Washington state for a year. We both realized although we could make a long distance relationship work, why not get married and begin our adventures together in a new place? So that is exactly what we did. We got married on July 17, 2016 and 4 days later Jordan left for Joint Base Lewis McChord where he received his LPN license and a month after getting married, Kelcee flew with 2 duffle bags across the country and started the married life together. Jordan is a nurse and Kelcee, well she has done a little bit of everything. From being an event planner to barista and a ton of stuff in between, her current endeavors include working at an amazing boutique and focusing on our business to make it better every day and able to love on people more. 


Now onto the story of how Care Candle Company began. 

Did you hear of COVID-19? Oh, you did? Great because that’s the reason why we started our business, well indirectly but still the cause of why. 

So in March of 2020, Jordan’s reservist unit was called into mobilization (which means they were preparing for deployment) to help with the efforts and those impacted by the coronavirus. We were given 4 days notice. Our hearts shattered with uncertainty- not knowing what this life looked like, not having a dang clue with how long Jordan was going to be gone, the list of questions and concerns could literally be a blog post itself, but without beating a dead horse- the questions we had were never ending and our answers were nowhere to be found. With all the uncertainty, the one thing we knew to be true was that our faith ran deeper than the things that we were facing. So we prayed A LOT. We cried A LOT. We tried to spend every minute together that we had. While Jordan was at work for what could have potentially been the last time for a while, Kelcee’s heart wanted to love on the other soldiers who were being called into action with care packages. But there would have to be a lot of care packages to be sent out and to make one plus SHIPPING AIN’T CHEAP PEOPLE! So she wanted to find a way to offset some of the cost. As she was thinking about this, a candle was lit in their living room. A memory came to mind when Kelcee made candles for Christmas presents when she was in college. She thought what if she could make candles and sell them to help support a cause that she was about to know too well very soon? Kelcee talked to Jordan and he loved the idea. They did their research and practiced making candles in their two bedroom apartment. And this is how Care Candle Company was born!

Jordan was deemed a “critical worker” at his hospital and he personally wasn’t deployed but has still worked on the front lines of this pandemic as an amazing nurse while finishing up schooling and completing his boards to become a registered nurse. 

To say that we are blessed is an understatement. We are so excited for the future and what is to happen through our business and all the people we can love with our candle business. We have been able to spread love and encouragement not only to soldiers, but our teachers and local nurses. 

So thank you for reading and we hope you check out our shop and blog more to see how many amazing care packages we have been able to make and get all the latest updates!

With love,

Kelcee & Jordan



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